Our factory, which was established in 2006, has been equipped with the latest technology and is the most modernized facility in the sector with automated infrastructure that minimizes human error in the production stage. By this means, customer expectations are met at the highest level and the desired quality is achieved.  

Elita Gıda is an “Integrated” facility. “From Seed to Table” food production principle comprises of our facilities; seed crushing, extraction, refining, and filling procedures. 

Oil seed purchases are made according to quality criteria identified in the purchase specifications, and the products are taken into operation with the control and approval of the thequality management unit. The crude oils produced in the crude oil unit are stored under appropriate conditions and are sent to the refinery unit to be refined. Oil seed cakes are processed in the extraction unit, having their oils removed, and the remaining oil cake is evaluated as raw materials in the animal feed  industry.

In the refinery unit, crude oil passes through processes of neutralization, bleaching, winterization, and deodorization, and refined oil is acquired. Our automated facility has been equipped with the latest technology, and product quality is assured with engineers that consistently check the process and quality management department.  

Our products are stored under appropriate conditions, are filled under hygienic conditions, and are presented to our customers under internationally accepted standards.