Nuri Çomu Education, Culture, Serving Spiritual Values ​​and Aid Foundation

Nuri Çomu Education, Culture, Serving Spiritual Values ​​and Aid Foundation, in order to contribute to the strength of the Republic of Türkiye was founded in Adana in November 2017. In order to serve this purpose; it is defined as the existence of the foundation to make contributions and initiatives to educate individuals and citizens who embrace, protect and develop the cultural values of the Turkish nation and all its citizens, love the family, patriotism, love and respect the people, respect human rights and know their responsibilities to the country.

Main Duties of the Foundation:

  • To raise better individuals within the frame of the orders of Islam,
  • To ensure the continuity and preservation of the education of spiritual knowledge values,
  • To carry out social responsibility projects in the field of education,
  • To produce and apply projects such as health and infrastructure,
  • Carrying out food banking activities.

Nuri Çomu Education, Culture, Serving Spiritual Values ​​and Aid Foundation’s;


Provide the projects of Hacı Nuri Çomu and Çomu family with the vision of charity/good and social responsibility to pass on generations, to educate better people on the basis of the orders of Islam and the spiritual values of the society.


To raise better generations, to create new resources by using the existing resources efficiently and to provide them with works, infrastructure, campus, education, scholarship, publications, tools and equipment needs in order to transfer the works of Nuri Çomu and Çomu family to generations.