Elita Gıda has the first and only fully integrated corn oil manufacturing facility in Türkiye

Elita Gıda, a Sunar Group of Companies, was founded in 2006 for the production and sales of quality, traceable edible oil by processing oil seeds grown in Türkiye and tripled its capacity with an 20 million dollars additional investment in 2012.

Sunar Corn, Sunflower and Omega 3 oils which Elita Gıda offers to market in accordance with ‘’From Seed to Table’’ food safety chain  is the  demanded edible oil brand of world cuisine  and of course particularly Turkish cuisine.Other than retail products, sunflower, corn, canola and other cooking oils produced with the purpose of industrial/out-of-home consumption are offered for consumers and processed food companies with the “Sunar Professional” brand and in 18L tin packaging.

Elita Gıda is one of the few integrated edible oil production facilities in Türkiye, it incorporates seed crushing, extraction, refining, and filling operations, and turns oil seeds that process into a final product, procuring them directly from the farmer.

Elita Gıda gives importance to the provision of not only quality management but also to sustainability, in light of its “Sustainability Vision” implementing a routine supplier evaluation system with the purpose of encouraging its suppliers to behave with the same awareness.Thanks to its more than 20 years of oil production experience of Sunar, Elita Gıda is ranked on the ICI 500, which is prepared by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry and lists the industrial giants of Türkiye, and has been among the top 250 industrial enterprises in Türkiye for the past five years.