Customer Satisfaction Form

By filling out this form, you can send us your satisfaction/unsatisfaction about our products and services. Your complaints will be handled personally in the framework of our quality management policy.

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The purpose of this procedure is to identify the evaluation and conclusion of customer complaints in our company , and also to define ongoing work to continuously improve the effectiveness of this process.


This procedure in our company covers identification, collection, and analysis operations of data related to complaints, moving from the received complaint and feedback until the services after the sale from the design of the product and of the direction in the light of evaluations of this internal process.



  • To identify and supply resources needed for the effective and efficient complaint handling process.
  • To regularly review the activities of the complaint-handling process.
  • To determine and publish a policy that includes commitments on the subject of the complaint-handling process.
  • To ensure the specification of the goals of the process.


  • To establish, implement, and ensure the continuity of complaint-handling processes and procedures.
  • To perform research and measurements relating to customer satisfaction; to identify areas for improvement by analyzing the results; and to plan actions to ensure the intended customer satisfaction.
  • To ensure the notification of departments on the subjects related to customer satisfaction.
  • To provide and train of the appropriate personnel who will be tasked with handling complaints.
  • To provide a report to executive commitee through administrative review meetings in regular intervals about the performance of the complaint-handling process.
  • To specify the performance criteria based on processes as it relates to customer satisfaction, to follow the targets, and to report the improvements to executive committee.



  • To perform customer visits when necessary for the purpose of improving customer satisfaction and relationships and being able to provide better service, to carry out examination in the field of problems solved, and to evaluate working standards. To receive support in customer visits from the Research & Development, Export, Product Development Manager, Demo Experts, Sales, and Marketing departments.
  • To ensure the initiation of corrective activities, transferring customer problems to the relevant department (Production, Research & Development, Product Development Manager, Sales, Exports, Raw Material Procurement, and other departments) according to the scope of the complaint in order to improve customer satisfaction, to follow-up customer complaints and demands, and to do statistical studies when necessary as it relates to these.
  • To provide technical advisory/support services so that customers are able to meet their changing needs. (To work in coordination with Research and Development, Production, Product Development Manager, Sales, and Export units.)
  • The complaint examination team is responsible for every stage of the complaint in the scope of the customer satisfaction management system.

Customer complaints form in the steps listed below:

  1. Transferrance/opening of complaint to the system
  2. Approval of the complaint,
  3. Development stage relating to the complaint
  4. Identification of the root cause of the complaint
  5. Notification relating to the result of the complaint
  6. (If available) Monitoring information relating to the complaint


  • The Regional Sales Managers, the Sales Operation Team, the Demo Experts, the Export Managers, and the Export Operation/Implementation Team receives complaints and feedback from the customer. They notify the Quality Management and Sales departments with details. The complaint is entered into the QDMS by the responsible party (Sales Operations, Export Implementation/Operation Team, Product Development Manager, Export Manager, Quality Management) or the Quality management department is reached in writing for the complaint’s input into the QDMS.
  • Regional Sales Managers and Export Managers can make site visits to the customers who have submitted complaints and take information/samples about the product of the complaint in necessary situations. (Including the Quality Management knowledge)
  • The customer is provided verbal/written notification when the complaint record is opened and taken in for evaluation in the scope of the customer satisfaction management system and when its closed.
  • The Regional Sales Directors and Export Directors transfer information to Quality Management when necessary, meeting with the customer for the complaint to be closed and taking the opinions and approval of the customer when the evaluation of the complaint is completed.


  • They have the duty to make a bridge between the Regional Sales Directors and Export Directors and establish communication between the customer and Quality Management.


  • They are responsible for doing the analysis and evaluation the customer complaint related to their own department, finding a solution, notifying the Quality Management department of these solutions, making arrangements that will prevent its future recurrence, and doing the necessary follow-up and data entry in the QDMS Customer Complaint Module,
  • To ensure the ease of access to all information relating to the complaint-handling process,
  • To ensure their team is informed of the customer-focused approach, and encourage their team.



4.1.1. Complaint: It is an expression of dissatisfaction process implemented to resolve a complaint implements for the product and/or service that ElitaGıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş provides or to resolve a complaint.

4.1.2. Complainant: The individual, institution, or its representative making the complaint.

4.1.3. Customer: The individual or institution receiving the product or service.

4.1.4. Customer Satisfaction: The degree of perception by the customer of the realized customer conditions.

4.1.5. Customer Service: The interaction between a customer and organization throughout the life cycle of a product.

4.1.6. Feedback: Opinions, comments, and interest statements related to the product or complaint-handling process.

4.1.7. Relevant Party: The individual or group that gains favor from the performance or success of ElitaGıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

4.1.8. Goal: The relevant sought after or targeted thing on the subject of handling complaints.

4.1.9. Policy: The general goal or direction, which is officially expressed by executive commitee, that is related to the handling of complaints of ElitaGıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

4.1.10. Process: A series of operations that turn input into output or that are related to or  interacted with one another.

4.1.11. Transparency: The sufficient declaration to customers, personnel, and other relevant parties of information about how and where the complaint will be handled.

4.1.12. Accessibility: The ease of accessibility for all complainants of the complaint handling-process.

4.1.13. Responsiveness: The notification to the customer of the knowledge that the complaint has been received.

4.1.14. Objectivity: The fair, objective, and impartial evaluation of each and every complaint during the complaint-handling process.

4.1.15. Fee: The evaluation of the process of receiving complaints being free of charge for the complainant.

4.1.16. Confidentiality: The personal information relating to the complainant only being able to be acquired for the complaint-handling process and this information not being announced without the complainants consent.

4.1.17. Customer-Focused Approach: Customers being opening to feedback to the complaint-handling process and including the promise of solving complaints with these processes.

4.1.18. Accountability: Ensuring the accountability and reporting for the activities and decisions relating to the complaint handling process of ElitaGıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

4.1.19. QDMS: The Quality Document Management System (QDMS) program that is used at ElitaGıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

4.1.20. Complaint Examination (Resolution) Team: The team that onsite evaluates or get evaluated the complaint to  of the customer, that forwards observations/findings to the relevant units, that initiates examination to find solutions, that observes the results and takes measurements for improvement, and that reports the acquired findings to the relevant parties, including representatives of the customer.

4.1.21. CSCMR: Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management Representative

4.1.22. ElitaGıda: ElitaGıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.

4.1.23. Impartiality: The unprejudiced and unbiased handling of customer complaints.

4.1.24. Customer Right to External Resolution: The complainant customer’s claiming of the right through statutory and legal channels should an agreement not be reached in customer complaints.

ElitaGıda handles, observes, and measures and evaluate the date of the measurement the complaint including the bases listed above and ensures the constant improvement of the customer satisfaction management system.


4.2.1. ElitaGıda has described the applications relating to handling complaints and the ways to make the procedures and forms accessible. These methods of communication:

  • website
  • Regional Sales Managers
  • Export Managers
  • Quality Management Departments

4.2.2. The means of communication of ElitaGıda used in the reception of complaints are as follows:

  • – İngilizcesisorulacak
  • ElitaGıdaOperator ( +90 0322 441 17 85/ + 90 0322 441 12 64)
  • ElitaGıda Fax (0322 441 17 86)
  • ElitaGıdahotline (0800 521 10 01)
  • ElitaGıda official social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Customer visits
  • The email addresses of ElitaGıda personnel that are in communication with the customers
  • The telephone numbers of ElitaGıda personnel that are in communication with the customers
  • ElitaGıda on-site sales office


4.2.3. The customer satisfaction management system policy, the complaint management procedure, the customer complaint process flow-chart, the customer feedback and complaint record form, the surveys (in Turkish and other languages, the final consumer and distributor) have been prepared. The up-to-dateness of the documents is tracked with the QDMS program used in the scope of the management system. Just as the customer satisfaction management system policy, the complaint management procedure, and the customer complaint process flowchart can be reached with the web page mentioned above departments, they can be obtained from departments the Quality Management, Sales, Marketing, and Export units by email or fax. Also, these units are responsible for the up-to-dateness of these documents and forms that they convey to the complainant and customer.

The complainant is provided verbal/written notification when the complaint record is opened, taken in for evaluation in the scope of the customer satisfaction management system and when it is closed. The notification is made within from the sales director knowledge. (If the email is being sent to the customer, the relevant sales operations director an/or regional director and/or Export Operation/Export Director are to be added to the information field in the email (cc); if by telephone, information is to be provided to the relevant sales director about the meeting with the customer)

Quality Management is primarily liable for the evaluation of complaints. The complaint gather center is Quality Management. A record is made in the QDMS and research is to be started when a complaint is first received for evaluation. Quality Management can also directly make notification to the complainant itself.


– Complaints at ElitaGıda are taken from the web website, from the andİngilizcesisorulacakemail addresses, ElitaGıdaOperator Telephone Number (via the Factory Secretary; 0322 441 17 85/0322 441 12 64), from the ElitaGıda Fax (0322 441 17 86), from the ElitaGıdahotline (0800 521 10 01), from the ElitaGıda official social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook), from the received  customer visits that relevant salespersons and technical teams made, from the email addresses of ElitaGıda personnel that are in communication with customers (especially Export and Sales personnel), telephone numbers of ElitaGıda personnel that are in communication with customers (especially Export and Sales personnel), from written/verbal interviews done at the ElitaGıda on-site sales office.

Complaints taken by the Factory Secretary are recorded to the KY.GN.13 numbered Customer Feedback and Complaint Record Form (KY.GN.13). Recorded information is transferred to the Quality Management department.


Incoming complaints are to be recorded, being entered into the customer complaint module found in QDMS by the Quality Management, Sales, and Exports departments.

The recorded customer complaint is forwarded Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management Representative to be checked and approved. CSCMR ensures the completion of missing sections of the complaint.

QDMS records every complaint with a unique identification code. Record information comprises of the components listed below.






  •          Customer Name*
  •          ComplaintDescription*
  •          ComplaintDetails*
  •         Facility(ElitaorElitaBranch)
  •          ComplaintCategory*
  •          Complaint Notification Team (Automaticallyassignedbythesystem as the Standard list + Team Leaderchief)
  •          Product


  •       Notification Date
  •       ProductionDate*
  •       ExpirationDate
  •       Notification Method
  •       City*
  •       Country
  •       CustomerType
  •       Importance
  •       Urgency
  •       Customer name (ifthevendor is thesub-customer)
  •       Total Amount
  •       ComplaintAmount
  •       NotifyingPerson
  •       CustomerAddress
  •       DocumentRelatingtotheComplaint (Date/Number)
  •       CompanyExecutive
  •       Customer E-mail
  •       Customer Telephone
  •       SalesExecutive/Manager WhoWillContacttheCustomer*
  •       Product Batch No.
  •       Supplier Name (Ifsuppliedoutside of thevendor)
  •    Team Leader*
  •    ResponsibleDepartment*
  •    Team
  •    Progress Report Date* (Systemautomaticallyadds, and it can be changed)


Attached documentsifavailable(damagereport,

visual, correspondences can be attached)



The urgency and importance of the complaints made in situations listed below is considered to be high.

  • Problems threatening human health
  • Problems that could cause loss of life and/or property
  • Complaints that could damage company image
  • Problems that halted complainants’ product and/or service
  • Problems originating from delivery
  • Problems of quality that create loss of production and yield

The urgency and importance of complaints in other situations is considered to be normal.

In situations where the urgency and importance of complaints is high, the customer is to be visited onsite and/or the complainant is immediately communicated with, if necessary.


The Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Management Representative performs the pre-examination approves the opening of the complaint to the relevant departments, and, if available, completes any missing information by meeting with the complainant or requesting it from the relevant sales executive. They identify the team and team leader relating to the complaint, and publishes the complaint over the internal notification network.

The complainant is definitely notified at this stage about the imposition to evaluation of the complaint, and the verbal or written notification is carried out by the Regional Sales Manager, Export Manager an/or Quality Management department.

The notification that the complaint has been received for evaluation must be made within 24 hours (1 business day).


In the research stage of the complaint, the complainant is requested to send details about the complaint and, if available, a sample of the product subject to the complaint. Meetings with the customer can be made on the phone, over email or face to face.

Meetings with the complainant are to be made in an apparent frame of kindness. Personal information belonging to the customer or complainant is not to be announced without the consent of these individuals.

If a fast solution cannot be found relating to the complaint, to provide onsite inspections of the complainant, the Regional Sales Manager and/or Exports Manager and/or Product Development Manager and/or Demo Experts and/or Quality Management and/or Research & Development and/or Production can also take samples and information, conducting onsite visits to the complainant.

Findings and samples that they acquire are sent for inspection to the responsible party of the complaint at the factory. Findings of the tests and evaluations done at the factory are to be transferred to the QDMS by Quality Management and/or the Complaint Resolution (Inspection) Team/Leader. After it is transferred into QDMS, the system publishes the written information over the internal notification network.

The complaint inspection team leader and/or team specifies the root causes of the complaint. After the root cause is transferred to the QDMS, the system publishes the written information over the internal notification network.

In situations where the complaint repeats and/or it is necessary, CSCMR can convert a complaint in a development situation to Correctional/Precautionary Activities.


After the analysis of the root cause, the complaint inspection team leader and/or team sends the complaint for closure approval, entering the resulting report of the complaint. The approval of the closure of the complaint goes to CSCMR.

If the complainant is found to be right in the complaint that they had made, the grievance is to be resolved according to the mutual agreement that will be reached with the complainant. If a discrepancy that arises from the applications of the complainant is in question, this situation is to be forwarded to the complainant, producing alternative solutions when necessary.

In this step:

1- The CSCMR can request the re-inspection of the complaint if it finds the inspection insufficient, returning the complaint again to the Development stage (Item 4.6). Also, CSCMR decides whether or not there is a need to start Progress/Precautionary Activities. If the initiation of Correctional/Precautionary Activities is necessary, operations are to be initiated, specifying the team over QDMS. Complaints are to be tracked with the Correctional/Precautionary Activities operations over QDMS based on the content of the complaint and the need for correctional/precautionary activities. The system publishes the written information over the internal notification network.

CSCMR and Quality Management can prepare a result letter relating to the complaint without waiting for the result of the Correctional/Precautionary Activities.

The opened Correctional/Precautionary Activities cannot be closed on QDMS without the complaint being closed.

2- If CSCMR wants to follow up the inspection within in the course of time, it can do a follow up, opening a monitoring for the complaint. The system publishes the written information over the internal notification network. CSCMR and Quality Management can prepare a result letter relating to the complaint without waiting for the result of the observation.

Approval requested of CSCMR to close the complaint after the results of the inspection.

Quality Management inputs or get input the claim, return, discount, cancellation, reprocess, replacement, and similar situations as sufficiency information, and later the complaint is closed, pending the opinion and approval of the customer by CSCMR and the Quality Management department.

The process relating to products that will be returned is done according to the Dealer-Customer Product Return Procedure and Chain Markets (National) product Return Procedure.


In a situation where the solution that the Customer Satisfaction Complaint Management Representative offered with the complaint is found to be appropriate by the customer, an agreement is to be reached and the agreed solution is to be implemented in the shortest amount of time by the relevant department.

The Regional Sales Manager and/or Exports Manager receives confirmation, meeting with the customer after the solution is implemented.

Should the customer not find the presented solution as appropriate and agreement not be reached, CSCMR, if available, presents alternative suggestions for solutions to the complainants, and if there is no other prepared suggestion for solution, CSCMR carries out other studies the subject of suggestions for solutions.

In situations where the complainant does not accept any of the offered solutions and agreement cannot be reached, the complaint is not closed but is left open. Should agreement be unable to be reached, the customer found in the complaint retains the right to refer to external solutions like searching for rights through legal avenues.

After the satisfaction of the customer found in the complaint is ensured, it is examined by CSCMR, Quality Management, and the Sales Teams whether there are other customers who have been affected by similar discrepancies.

Should customers be determined as a result of this research that might have been affected by similar discrepancies, CSCMR and/or the Sales Teams establish communication with the specified customers, learning about the states of their satisfaction. A new customer complaint is arranged for customers who are not satisfied with the same issue.

Open complaints are to continue to be observed in the evaluation periods, and in situations where no information comes from the complainant or no notification comes from an official authorities comes relating to the complainants referral to external solutions within 1 year following the date of the complaint, the complaint is closed.

In a situation where the complainant turn into external solutions within the 1-year observation period, the complaint is left open and is not closed until the external solution concludes.


The Customer Satisfaction Complaint Management Representative provides notifications and evaluations about complaints at least the same number of times as the Management Review Meetings relating to the complaints and with the condition that it is not a period of more than 6 months, and forwards them as a report to all relevant parties. Meetings can be arranged in the factory as it relates to complaints, and it can share the situation of the previous period with participants. In addition to these, CSCMR also prepares a yearly evaluation report in the Management Review meetings, presenting it to executive commitee.


ElitaGıda specifies the performance parameters and goals of the complaint handling processes. The performance criteria that were specified in the frame of the complaint-handling process are periodically reviewed through the management review meetings and target revisions are made when deemed necessary.

Complaints by the CSCMR and/or Quality Management are categorized and problems and tendencies that later repeat and are encountered for the first time are defined. Correctional/precautionary activities are planned for the removal of the original cause of the complaint.

The performance of the complaint-handling process is to be evaluated in integrated examinations done in periods specified in the scope of the Internal Examination Procedure.

Executive commitee ensures the continuation of the compatibility, sufficiency, effectiveness, and efficiency of the complaint-handling process.


The Satisfaction Survey in the Evaluation of Customer Complaints is organized, specifying the level of satisfaction of the complainant at ElitaGıda.

By calling the complainant on the phone in a 6-month period or by sending the Satisfaction Survey Form in the evaluation of the customer complaints, their satisfaction is asked and acquired information is evaluated. The results of the survey are evaluated by the Customer Satisfaction Complaint Management Representative, and Correctional/Precautionary Activities are initiated in QDMS according to the Discrepancy Control Procedure and Precautionary Activities Procedure for detected discrepancies.

Surveys, survey evaluations, and taken actions are regularly discussed/evaluated in Management Review meetings.


The customer satisfaction surveys are carried out at least once a year in the organization of the Marketing Department. Sales department and quality management take joint actions while the surveys are being sent. Marketing makes statistical reports in the general evaluation report using this data and leads the relevant departments for the initiation of the necessary Correctional/Precautionary activities.

The customer satisfaction surveys cover internal markets and abroad. Internal market surveys are directed towards distributors and final consumers. Export surveys are implemented as directed towards international dealers and distributors. Customer satisfaction survey data is evaluated in the Management Review meetings, and also Correctional/Precautionary Activities can be initiated for dissatisfaction or suggestions specified by the customer.


All records related to customer complaints are retained at ElitaGıda for the duration of the product’s shelf life. The provision of continuity of data found in QDMS is guaranteed with the backup procedure of the information systems.

Records Control Procedure KY.YSP.02

Internal Inspection Procedure KY.YSP.03

Communication Procedure KY.YSP.04

Precautionary activities Procedure KY.YSP.05

Non-Compliance Control Procedure KY.YSP.06

Training and Motivations Procedure KY.YSP.07

Dealer-Customer Product Return Procedure ST.YSP.01

Chain Markets (National) Product Return Procedure ST.YSP.02

Instruction of Customer Satisfaction Survey Evaluation TL.DÖ.03

Customer Satisfaction Survey Form FR.ST.02

Distributor Satisfaction Survey Form FR.PZ.04

Final Consumer Satisfaction Survey Form FR.PZ.06

Satisfaction Survey Form in the Evaluation of Customer Complaints KY.GN.12

Customer Feedback and Complaint Record Form KY.GN.13

Satisfaction Survey Form in the Evaluation of Customer Complaints

QDMS Program-Correctional/Precautionary Activities Module

QDMS Program-Customer Complaint Module