Our plant which was founded in 2006, is the most modern production unit in the sector with its advanced technology and the setup with auto motion which minimizes the employee’s flaw in production. Therefore, the company meets the customers’ expectations at its best along with achieving the expected quality.

Elita Gıda is an ‘Integrated’ facility. The Facility consists of unrefined oil, extraction, refining and filling operations with the principle of ‘From Farm to Fork’.

The purchase of the oilseeds are made according to the stated quality criteria and made after the confirmation and control of Quality management Unit. The produced unrefined oils are stored under proper conditions and are transferred to the refining unit for processing. The residual oilseeds are processed in the extraction unit to obtain oil out of it. The final remaining residual oil seeds are used in the animal feed industry as raw material.

In the refinery plant, the crude oil respectively is processed in neutralization, bleaching, winterization and deodorization to obtain the refined oil. Our refining facilities secure the product quality with its quality management unit supported by auto motion, equipped with the latest technology equipments and, with the engineers continuously controlling the production process.

Our products are stored under appropriate conditions, filled under hygienic conditions and, are supplied to the customers.

The crude oil which is obtained from oilseeds, are refined to be edible oils for consumption. The waste materials are destroyed in this process.

The FFA, fosfadit, and waxy materials inside the oil are removed by the separator in neutralization process, and prepared for the next process through washing and drying process.

By bleaching soils, the pigments that give color to the oil, the waxy materials, peroxides and heavy metals in the oil are removed from the oil.

Packaging is made by automatic filling under hygienic conditions into 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L pet bottles and into 4L, 5L, 10L, 18L tins.